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ATCO was formed in Bellingham, Washington, USA.  We began providing Outside Plant (OSP) telecommunications engineering services throughout the Pacific Northwest.

ATCO was formed in the 1970s in Bellingham, Washington. During this time, ATCO provided outside plant (OSP) engineering services to Pacific Northwest Bell, which is now Century Link, Sprint Northwest, and General Telephone of the Northwest, which is now Frontier. 

In 1999, ATCO was purchased by current owner and president, Harley B. Lang, Jr. For over 30 years, Harley worked for GTE (now Frontier). After retiring from GTE, Harley started working for AT&T and Lucent Technologies as Western US Regional Director and became a successful contractor. The company was then established as ATCO Communications Services, LLC. In the same year as the purchase, the ATCO headquarters moved from Bellingham to Mill Creek, Washington. ATCO resided there until the offices relocated to Snohomish, Washington in 2007, where it resides today.  A support office was established in 2002 in Fort Wayne, Indiana to expand ATCO's services to the Midwest and the Southwest. ATCO now operates in 19 states, servicing each state with a broad range of telecommunication needs. 

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