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Life at ATCO: How Our Benefits and Workplace Culture Impacts our Employees

At ATCO, we value our employees and their families. We strive to create a positive work environment and offer health and financial benefits that empower our employees to experience good health and financial security so they can put their best foot forward.

But we didn’t get here overnight. Creating a comfortable and adaptable workplace took a lot of careful thought, research, and feedback. As a company driven by its people, we realized that we’d never become the telecom engineering company we envisioned unless we supported our teams in the ways that were most important for them.

Today, we explore how life at ATCO positively impacts the everyday lives of our employees.

  1. What makes our work environment unique?

  2. What benefits do we provide for our employees?

  3. How do our benefits and work environment impact the lives of our employees?


Whether you excel in an energetic office with room for collaboration or prefer the quiet and cozy environment of a home workspace, ATCO aims to provide a flexible work experience that meets the needs of our employees. Our teams are a mix of second-career telecom experts and emerging professionals just getting started in the industry. Our approachable, friendly, authentic work style encourages mentorship and learning opportunities. Regardless of your professional experience, you feel engaged and curious about what our people have to offer.

Having a diverse workforce also means we have a diverse set of interests and goals. We are committed to lifelong learning to support our employees’ professional and personal development. Our mission is to ensure our employees have plenty of growth opportunities. As our business expands and develops new workstreams, we offer many entry points for career evolution.

At our core, we are a welcoming, transparent, and friendly group of professionals determined to create a supportive work environment for everyone.


As part of our mission, we strive to support the health and well-being of our employees. Competitive pay and exceptional benefits are ways we empower our teams to take care of themselves and their families. We offer the following medical, financial, and lifestyle benefits for eligible employees:


  • Group Medical Plan with choice of PPO plans with a High Deductible plan option compatible with a Health Savings Account. Both plans have coverage within an extensive network for full-time employees (27+ hours per week).

  • Medical plans offer “credible coverage” to those who are Medicare-eligible.

  • Voluntary enrollment in the medical plan of a spouse and dependents up to age 26.

  • Voluntary vision plan

  • Voluntary dental plan


  • 401K savings plan with pre-tax and Roth options with company match

  • Financial advisory services available from 401K savings plan administrator

  • Health savings account (HSA) for HDHP-eligible medical plan participants


  • Flexible work hours for managing work-life balance

  • Full-time and part-time positions

  • Remote and in-person positions

  • We provide the necessary computer equipment, support, and software for your position.

  • On-job training and development

  • Medical plan participants’ preventative care covered at 100%

  • Wellness tools and programs are offered online for medical plan participants.


Striving to create a supportive work environment and benefits packages is great, but knowing how they positively impact the lives of our employees is even more critical. We asked our employees what value our benefits bring to their daily lives.

I could not afford medical insurance if it weren’t for ATCO. I have an extensive

history with my health starting back in 2015. I am currently supporting a single

income household, and I would be spending thousands of dollars I don’t have if

ATCO didn’t help pay most of the cost as they do.” – Jeremiah B, OSP Engineer.

“Having the option to enroll in the health benefits and knowing that there is

coverage when needed relieves some of the anxiety that’s always associated

with the real possibility of having major health expenses.” – Timothy R, OSP

Engineering Manager.

“As a mom with two young children, I want us all to be healthy and happy. Since

I’ve been covered through the ATCO benefits program, high-quality healthcare

has been affordable and accessible, and we’re happier and healthier as a

result.” – Jennifer M, Project Manager.

“I was pleased to hear that ATCO would offer these great benefits. I signed up

for the 401k plan right away. As a young person starting my career, it was

important for me to start planning for my future, and the benefits offered by

ATCO have helped me in that process.” – Isabel R, Accounts Receivable


We appreciate our employees’ openness. Their responses are inspiring and insightful, highlighting the importance of recognizing our employees’ realities and identifying ways we, the employers, can elevate their lives. ATCO is more than a business; it is a support system committed to making a difference in the world around us – starting with the people who are the foundation of our success.

Whether you are a technically minded recent college graduate looking for a stable career or a retired engineer itching to get back into the industry, ATCO is your ideal workplace for flexibility, authenticity, and support. Get to know life at ATCO and see how a career with us can be a meaningful experience.

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