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How We Manage Teams in a Remote Work Environment

Managing a team in a remote work environment can be stressful and demanding. Since the pandemic, statistics show that a quarter of today’s workforce has implemented a work-from-home protocol. Many employers are determining how to successfully manage a team remotely while meeting business standards and maintaining employee morale.

At ATCO, we value flexibility. For many years before the onset of the pandemic, ATCO has had the digital infrastructure and philosophy to support various remote workstreams. So, while the pandemic ushered industries to the virtual workspace, we were prepared to seamlessly transition most of our workforce to be remote.

Our years of remote experience taught us many valuable lessons about management in the remote workplace that we want to share with you. Continue reading to learn how ATCO supports a customer and employee-centered approach in the virtual workspace.

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Managing Teams in a Remote Work Environment


Maintaining a solid and open communication line is critical to a successful team. ATCO leaders utilize various communication tools to help all employees feel heard and promptly address issues. Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and constant phone calls are a few ways the lines of communication remain open and effective.


Productivity in any workplace depends on predictability and structures. It’s easy to detach oneself when employees work in different locations. ATCO aims to encourage all their leaders to alleviate issues by creating team rhythm and cinque. When working remotely, there should always be a detailed schedule for meetings and employee one-on-ones. Managers should always know what their team is doing to understand where they are and discover the path forward.


ATCO leaders strive to ensure employee inclusivity by implementing a check-in process. The check-in process is done individually or within a group to address issues and maintain an open company culture. Check-ins allow employees to ask questions and interact socially with their direct manager and colleagues.

A man sits at a table and participates in a virtual conference call.
The Power of Virtual Communication


In conclusion, maintaining a successful business during these uncertain times has caused a lot of companies to become creative. ATCO has found effective communication methods and made an efficient business structure for remote work. We encourage our employees to be together virtually or in-person whenever practical and possible, avoid rigid policies while meeting office expectations, and align requirements for each position with specific team roles and duties. By no means are any plans perfect, but we all can learn from one another while meeting the needs of the business. How does your business manage a remote work environment?

If you want to work for a company that can maintain business standards while working remotely, click the link below and apply today!


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