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We at ATCO pride ourselves on being problem solvers. When we see an opportunity for more efficiency, we band together to develop effective, turnkey solutions. Our traffic control plan workstream does just that. Instead of our customers having to rely on fragmented processes and various resources for permitting and designing traffic control plans, we offer an all-in-one service that merges municipalities’ requirements with contractors’ needs. We design it, submit it, and bird dog it until it is approved.



Traffic control plans (TCPs) are engineered drawings that provide instructions for guiding and protecting traffic passing through a construction work zone or blocked-off area. TCPs are submitted to local municipalities to permit contractors to work in public right of ways while maintaining a safe and uniform traffic flow.


Traffic control plans aren’t just nice to have; they are essential for ensuring the safety of on-site workers and road users. In addition to safety, there are plenty of other valuable benefits to using a traffic control plan for your construction projects or community events.

Most municipalities, counties, and states will not approve construction permits or traffic interruptions or revisions without a TCP. TCPs streamline projects by integrating the needs of contractors and travelers. Contractors need enough space to properly construct their projects and prioritize safety for their on-site workers. Travelers need enough space and advisory to make route decisions and eliminate traffic jams.

Another crucial benefit of TCPs is that it provides legal protection for contractors. If an accident or workplace injury does occur, TCPs offer a record and map of the accident area. Contractors can use TCPs as a method and documentation for the required safety precautions or identification of potential problem areas.

Traffic control plans are crucial for enhancing safety, ensuring efficient traffic flow, minimizing inconvenience, and providing legal protection for contractors. A control plan is essential whenever a project or event is affecting traffic. And ATCO is the ideal TCP provider.


What started as a single TCP specialist has grown into a team of 15 within two years. With a strong OSP engineering and project management foundation, we can handle any project from the simplest permit to the most complex traffic control plan.

Are you starting a highway construction project, organizing a block party, or hosting a 5K marathon? Then you’ll want a traffic control plan, and ATCO is your one-stop shop.


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