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What's Next for You?

Steps You Can Take to Seek Out Joy in Your Career

As you think about the future and our next steps, always consider what makes you happy. Who we are is ultimately more important than what we do. Focusing on corporate plans and strategies doesn’t always drive us toward discovering more about who we are. Ultimately, our joy and growth should be the main factors in our future plans.

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What's Next for You?

What's Next for You: Where to Start

Regardless of our current stage in life, whether we’re approaching retirement, seeking a career change, or adapting to changes in our family life, we must reflect on our strengths and talents. By identifying and utilizing these gifts, we can ensure that they are integral to our next life journey. The continuous changes and challenges we have all faced in recent years should remind us that we are far more adaptable to change than we think and that no possible options should go uninvestigated.

When navigating a possible career change, reflect individually on your strengths and interests, but remember to involve essential people in your life.

What's Next for You: Who and Where Do We Turn to Help Evaluate our Many Options?

1. Start with those who know you best: family members, friends, and mentors, as they know you and know what brings you joy. Discuss your feelings, options, and motivations with them, as they can help you organize your thoughts and narrow things down to the best possible options from an objective perspective.

2. Seek others already in your fields of interest and get additional information about how it all works. Connecting with someone in a field you’re interested in is extremely useful. Who would know better about an industry or company than someone with personal experience? They would be able to answer many of your questions and could even provide you with insight you hadn’t considered before.

3. Consider how you might fit into the environment once you get this additional context. Once you gather background information from someone in your field of interest and compare it with the reflections you did with your personal support system, you can properly gauge how your own skills and desires would fit into a prospective career path. With this added clarity from multiple sources, you can be confident that your decision-making process is thorough and feel prepared for a significant life transition.

By putting all your resources toward informed decision-making, you can significantly reduce the stress that can come with a major change in your life.

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What's Next for You?

Regarding what we can do, there are far more opportunities than limitations. Don’t let the limiting factors blind you from joyful opportunities. Thinking about a change? Check out the many possibilities at ATCO Communications Services, LLC. Your next step to having a joyful adventure may be a click away.



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