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ATCO Introduces Traffic Control Plan Service

Contract Telecom Engineering Company Expands into New Markets

Snohomish, Washington: ATCO Communications Services, LLC recently announced the formal introduction of their traffic control plans (TCPs), an all-in-one permitting and traffic control planning service for utility and non-utility projects. Their TCPs are high-quality, engineered designs that provide guidance and protection for traffic passing through a construction work zone or blocked-off area. Building a dedicated team and processes offers a turnkey solution for internal and external customers that merges municipalities’ requirements with project needs.

ATCO has been focusing on growing its market share and diversifying its business. Since the service started in 2020, they’ve produced over two thousand permits and TCPs and expanded to new markets in Texas and California. ATCO’s decades of outside plant (OSP) engineering and project management experience positions them to deliver permits and TCPs quickly and efficiently with little to no revisions.

“Turning up a turnkey traffic control plan design and permit procurement team at ATCO Communications Services has been energizing,” says Nick Lang, VP of Business Operations at ATCO. “We decided it doesn’t make sense to saddle Civil Engineers, Network Engineers, and Project Managers with Traffic Control Plans and permit submittals. Particularly now that most Municipalities, Counties, and State transportation authorities are requiring high-quality, site-specific plans. One of the first special projects I was tasked with early in my career involved orchestrating TCP training for a team of 20-plus engineers, so it’s in my blood. But it always seemed like there could be a better way to handle them. Having designed TCPs as an engineer, I was aware of the constant change and variation in requirements from one municipality to the next. So, we built a team of dedicated TCP and permit specialists that help us provide a full suite of TCP design, permit procurement, and project management services, allowing our customers peace of mind for this critical need.”

Contractors across the country trust ATCO’s traffic control planning service for the following benefits:

  • By trusting ATCO to execute permitting and traffic control planning, contractors avoid multiple hand-offs. Providing a turnkey solution allows contractors to focus on the construction instead of complex invoicing and project management.

  • ATCO’s vast experience in OSP engineering and local knowledge informs their design process to deliver site-specific plans and swift turn-around times.

  • ATCO’s TCP team comprises 15 experts trained and certified in flagging and traffic control to create high-quality designs for the simplest to most complex projects.

ATCO’s TCPs are currently available for construction companies, communications service providers, and anyone else organizing an event that may interfere with traffic. For more information on TCPs, visit Traffic Control Planning | Snohomish, WA | ATCO Communications Services (

About ATCO: ATCO is a contract engineering company powered by industry experts to deliver turnkey, customer-centered solutions for telecommunication planning, engineering, and project administration.

While headquartered in Snohomish, WA, and Fort Wayne, IN, they are active in over twenty-three states. Their hands-on and team-oriented approach guarantees success and paves the way for a more connected future.

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