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Land Surveying for Residential Use Cases

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

When you think about surveying, you might imagine a large corporation hiring a surveyor to evaluate land for new development. However, people underestimate how helpful surveying can be for an average person and their residence. For example, surveying can be extremely valuable during the home buying process, as the surveyor can help you ensure you’re getting the property as advertised by the seller. If you plan on building anything, such as an extension of your home, or a storage structure in the backyard, a surveyor could ensure its location on your property does not encroach on a neighbor or any setbacks you have.

Land Surveying & Property Lines

One practical use for surveying your property is knowing where you and your neighbors’ property lines are. Having this knowledge can prevent a dispute about property lines with various household projects, such as building a fence around your home, building a shed for storage on a property’s edge, or doing various landscaping work. You would not want to invest in an expensive driveway only to learn later that it infringes on a neighboring property.

Land Surveying & Buried Utilities

Another use for surveying a residential property is identifying where local utilities may be on your property. Knowing this information is extremely important for any project that involves digging or construction and can help you avoid a costly and inconvenient mistake. For example, if you wanted to build a septic system in your backyard but don’t have the area surveyed before digging, you could damage electrical, water, or telecommunications infrastructure, each of which can be extremely expensive to fix and cause time-consuming problems for you and your neighbors.


For a telecommunications company like ATCO, surveying is crucial to our work. We help our clients ensure they accurately place their facilities within the bounds of the public Right of Way or Easement they intend. ATCO provides an excellent surveying service led by professionals with many years of experience. Check out our technical services page to learn more and get a quote today!

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